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About Me

I am not new to the blogosphere but this blog is. It is born out of an year long wait for a proper camera in my budget, AND the interest to capture lasting moments through it. Hope I see as much colour and creation as there is in the big beautiful world we are in.

This is not a place about me. It is more about my hobby. You can meet me at my blog or in facebook. Cheerio.

About the Camera

This is just as an info for the informed. Weigh it out for what it is and what can be done, against what I have managed to do so far. Presenting, Fujifilm HS20EXR.

About this Blog

As the url suggests, its about pictures that I take. It is not a specialist job, but the skill is improving as you read this. 🙂 One more thing about the blog, rather, the theme is that you can browse the posts like you browse pics in FB. Click on the right half of the image to see older pics and on the left half to see newer ones. Thought it might be of help. 🙂

That apart, I want to put some kinda activity into it.

What I have in mind is – for any pic that you see on this blog, please come up with a short writeup like a related vivid memory, the crazy trip that u might have taken, a short story/poem, (AND NOT LIMITED TO) something that you are reminded of. Please be a guest (semi) author in my blog and I shall put it up as the description/content for that post, (with due credits ofcourse).

Any strings attached shall be resolved in due course of time. Kindly provide your suggestions / criticism on the idea.



What do you got to say?

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